dimanche, 25 février 2024

Top 10 – Universités américaines qui utilisent les badges numériques sur Credly/Acclaim

Voici un top 10 des universités américaines (USA) qui utilisent les badges numériques via les plateformes Credly/Acclaim pour numériser leurs certifications, leurs diplômes et mieux représenter les compétences qu’ils permettent de développer chez les apprenants.

Sur la plateforme Credly :

University at Buffalo

Emporia State University

University System of Maryland

The University of Arizona Office of Continuing & Professional Education

The University of Mississippi Medical Center


Sur la plateforme Acclaim :

University of California (UCI) Division of Continuing Education

Arizona State University

Boston University



Northeastern University


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville



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3 Commentaires

  1. Why the focus on Credly’s products? There are major Universities in the US using several other platforms including BadgeList and Badgr. If this is sponsored content, you should say so.

  2. Hello,
    First, it is not sponsored content. I presented examples from Credly / Acclaim for their clarity of use cases in order to convince other universities to use digital badges. They also have an EDtech – HRtech approach that seems to me to be promising. Concretely, it is easy to search through badges and organizations in both platforms and also on http://www.badgerank.org of Concentric Sky. There are certainly many other examples on other platforms, I will do other articles on other platforms.
    Thank you for your comment.


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