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Badge Summit 2018 – Exploration of Micro-Credentials, Access and Equity

Cette année, la 3e édition de l’événement Badge Summit 2018 – An exploration of micro-credentials, access & Equity aura lieu à Chicago, le 23 juin juste avant le ISTE 2018. C’est l’une des rencontres importantes du réseau des experts, praticiens, fournisseurs et chercheurs dans l’univers des badges numériques et du standard Openbadges.

Lors de ma dernière participation sur place au Sommet sur les attestations (Digital Credentials) et les badges numériques par IMS Global à Orlando en mars 2017, j’ai pu rencontrer les acteurs les plus influents et inspirants dans le monde académique et des affaires au niveau du mouvement des badges numériques.

C’est principalement Noah Geisel (@SenorG) qui organise cet événement nord-américain. Il est très actif dans le réseau avec, entre autre, BadgeChat, une réunion sur Twitter assez populaire.

La programmation du Badge Summit 2018 et le mot-clic pour suivre la conférence #badgesummit.

8:45-9:35am | Morning Breakout Sessions

“Ask Me Anything” Networking Opportunity with Badging Experts: UX Design + Student Voice, Data Privacy, CEUs + College Credit, New Open Badges Specification (OBv2.0), Gamification, Best Practices, and More!

Badge Issuing Platform Roundtables: Informal and Intimate Conversations with the Platforms for Earning and Issuing Digital Badges
Sit down with Badge Issuing Platforms and take the time to dive deep into your needs with the leading vendors.

I Have a Badge, Now What?
Explore how to go beyond badges and build a branded theme and program districtwide. See engagement increase, awareness spread and personalized learning grow by designing and creating a unique brand for your school or district program. In this session hear how school districts created personalized professional development and learning for both teachers and students, that is supported with a brand. Going beyond the brand, participants will hear how the ‘players’ in learning games can obtain not only badges, but be incentivized with fun challenges that are individual and team/school based. Experience hands-on gamification and promotional strategies to take your program beyond badges.
Jay Sorenson, Oxnard Union High School District
Damon Torgerson, Alludo Learning

Connecting Open Badges, 21st Century Skills & Summer Youth Employment Opportunities  
This session will highlight Providence After School Alliance’s work detailing the process of connecting 21st Century skills to digital badges via a rubric assessment for high school credit-bearing opportunities in Rhode Island. This session will provide a lens of the collaboration needed between state and local stakeholders as well as the community partner perspective regarding the implementation process of this work.   
Emily George, Providence After School Alliance
Kate Aubin, Providence Public Library
Karen Jeffrey, For All Systems

9:45-11:30 | Keynotes

Keynote Address
Achieving the Dream of Digital Badges: Closing Gaps in Engagement and Opportunity
Samuel DysonChicago Learning Exchange

Failure Lab Keynote Panel (Moderated By Jessica Besser-Rosenberg)
Let’s get vulnerable! This panel invites several leaders to beyond sharing their successes and actually share their scrapes, bumps, bruises and lessons learned so we can avoid their mistakes and start closer to where they are than where they were.
Gabe Lyon, Chicago Architecture Foundation
Tre Everette,  Northwestern University 
Cate Tolnai, CUE.org

11:30-1:00pm Lunch + Lunch Panel

The Kids Are All Right: Youth Voice Panel
Chicago-area youth will share their point of view on the role and impact of Digital Badge Credentials

Moonshots: Big Thinkers Thinking Big About the Future of Digital Badge Credentials
Don Fraser, Education Design Lab
Wayne Skipper, Concentric Sky
Kerri LemoieOpenWorks Group
LeiLani Cauthen, The Learning Counsel 
Devin Young, Classcraft

1:00-2:00 Breakout Sessions

Introducing the Digital Credentials Institute  
Learn about the newly launched Digital Credentials Institute, a collaboration between IMS Global and Madison Area Technical College. Executive Director Kathleen Radionoff will discuss the goals of this initiative and early projects currently under way. The session will also solicit suggestions and feedback from attendees regarding needed research and best practices..
Kathleen Radionoff, Madison College

Pays to be a Member: National Organizations Offer Micro-Credentials to Boost Value Proposition to Educators
This session will explore the journeys of 2 national education associations who have developed micro-credentialing programs for their members and to advance their organizational missions. They will discuss the challenges and opportunities they have discovered being early adopters in this space. There will be opportunities for Q&A as well as discussion and sharing among attendees.
René Islas, National Association for Gifted Children
Andrea Chavez-Kopp, National Catholic Educational Association

Big Initiative, Tiny Credentials: Implementing Digital Badges at the University at Buffalo
The University at Buffalo (UB) is launching a campus-wide initiative to offer micro-credentials and digital badges for academic, co-curricular, and continuing education programs. Please join me as I discuss the process of creating a university-wide system for proposing, developing and implementing these new credentials, and how this process has been received by various constituents on UB’s campus. Creative Commons licensed materials will be shared.
Anne Reed, University of Buffalo 

LXD: Designing for Impact, Engagement and Deep Learning
The most impactful micro-credentialing systems begin with purposeful learning experience design (LXD). LXD marries the disciplines of learning sciences, design thinking and neuroscience with learner-centered pedagogy and interactive resources. In this interactive session, Convergence Design Lab will share tips, strategies, lessons learned, and resource examples culled from our work designing in-person, online, and blended learning experiences for youth and educators. A particular focus is on using play and participatory media strategies that are relevant, choice-based and engaging to the user.
Mindy Faber, Convergence Design Lab
Margaret Conway, Convergence Design Lab
Michael Hadley, Convergence Design Lab 

Using a Competency Based Approach to Broaden Access to College Credit Through Open Badges 
Students graduating into post-secondary opportunities are asked to document their learning, too often, by references to proxy measures, such as course grades, GPA, or transcripts. Educators — students, teachers, and policy experts — from one high school and community college share their experiences building information-rich digital badges to broaden access to college credit and post-secondary opportunity.
Alec Barron, Competency X
Carissa Duran, Competency X

DREAM MAKERS’ LOUNGE | Sponsored by mindSpark
You’ve got great ideas for badging in YOUR community. Whether it’s all in your head or already sketched on the back of a napkin, the Dream Makers’ Lounge is here to help you design around your micro-credentialing dreams, with the help of expert facilitators who have experience implementing.
Facilitation by Education Design Lab

Peer Review, Peer Coaching and Role of Formative Assessment
Mark Otter, Participate.com
Kimm Murfitt, Participate.com

Researching Elementary Badge Credential Uses
Amy Cooper

Badging in Maker Spaces for K-12
JD Pirtle, Catherine Cook School

Lessons Learned from Badging Pre-Service Teachers
Theresa Cullen, University of Oklahoma

2:15-3:15 Breakout Sessions

Maine State of Learning: Building a Digital Badge Ecosystem  (*featured session*)
Maine is building a digital badging ecosystem that will connect learning opportunities for learners of all ages across the state. The goal is to develop future leaders, active citizens, and lifelong learners through engaged learning experiences that build workforce-ready skills. Employers and other stakeholders are becoming aware of the value of these verified badges and we are building the pipeline to higher education for Maine youth. MSOL’s vision is to connect the pieces so that Maine residents can more easily find their own pathway to success.
Claire Sullivan, University of Maine

Gamification: Building a Personalized PD Program + Experience + Brand
Join us for a lively discussion about gamification and badging, and how to develop an innovative approach to a Personalized PD Program. Panelists will address a variety of key topics, from the brand/theme to incentives, district recognition, go-to-market strategies and maintaining engagement and retention of play. .
Damon Torgerson, Alludo Learning
Julia Francis, Alludo Learning 
Glen Irving, OnEducation Podcast
Michael Matera, Author, Explore Like a Pirate
Audrey O’Clair, Soundtrap/Spotify

Credentials & Meaning: Transitioning from Face-to-Face to Online
What are the implications for course design? What are the challenges and benefits? The panel will explore these and other important guiding principals to amplifying PD learning with digital credentials.

Talia Kovacs, LitLife 
Monica Burns, ClassTechTips.com  
Dr. Randall Sampson, Liberty Leadership Development
Julie Keane, Participate.com

21C for Higher Ed 
At the Education Design Lab, we’ve developed a suite of eight 21st Century Skills Badges. Our experience working with students, educators, and employers produced many takeaways/design criteria about what the badges must encompass to work for all parties. The next phase of our work is relevant for both educators interested in integrating 21st century skills badges, and visionary employers looking to test their efficacy. We share our learning over the last 3 years and different case studies for how to launch, integrate, and issue 21st century skills badges.
Don Fraser, Education Design Lab

Community Based Approaches to Scaling Badges: Summer Youth Employment 
In the digital badging ecosystem, two of the toughest challenges are how to develop employer and partner buy-in and how to scale badge usage across your network. Join LRNG to discuss the Chicago case study as an approach to scaling the use of badges across non profit, public sector and employer partners. 
Connie Yowell
, Collective Shift/LRNG
Megan Madel, Collective Shift/LRNG

DREAM MAKERS’ LOUNGE | Sponsored by mindSpark
You’ve got great ideas for badging in YOUR community. Whether it’s all in your head or already sketched on the back of a napkin, the Dream Makers’ Lounge is here to help you design around your micro-credentialing dreams, with the help of expert facilitators who have experience implementing.
Gregg Eilers, Stanislaus County Office of Education
Brandon Schut, Stanislaus County Office of Education

Failing Better: Paving Learner Pathways with the Metaliteracy Badging System
Kelsey O’Brien, University of Albany

Self-Issuing Digital Badges: How Open Badges 2.0 Makes it Reputable
Justin Mason

Quality Evidence, Quality Feedback
Julie Keane, Participate.com
Kimm Murfitt, Participate.com

Badge Bot: Living Badges and Automated Twitter Issuing
Kerrie Lemoie, OpenWorks Group

Nurturing Student Potential with Buncee
Sean Farnum, Buncee

3:30-4:30 Breakout Sessions

Associations and Their Success in Combining Credentialing and Digital Badges
Come learn about the NWFA’s Open University and how we are credentialing today’s wood flooring pipeline from manufacturing through logistics to business and to installers.
Stephanie Owen, National Wood Flooring Association
Brenda Perea, Credly

Best Practices for Credentialing In-Person and Blended PD  
The Alamance-Burlington School System serves over 23,000 students and is committed to ensuring that the same differentiated instruction we strive to provide our youngest learners is also offered to our adult learners.  This session will unpack what we have learned about the best practices in credentialing teacher PD.
Bill Harrison, Alamance-Burlington School System
Mark Otter, Participate.com
Julie Keane, Participate.com
Wayne Skipper, Concentric Sky/Badgr

Alternatives to Top-Down: Valuing Teacher Designed PD
This panel of edupreneurs and innovators will explore the brave new world available to teachers with amazing professional learning to share with colleagues, and how online courses and digital credentials offer the possibility of circumventing traditional gatekeepers. 

Monica Burns, ClassTechTips
Billy Spicer
Manuel Herrera,   
Jen Williams, Participate.com

Going Viral and Building Buy-in: How We Communicate With Stakeholders
Getting the word out and fostering positive communities of practice is a key factor in building an enduring system.  Hear from leaders in Surry County Schools and Aurora Public Schools about how, without a district mandate, teachers are opting into the work because they truly believe it’s best for Teachers and Students.
RyAnn Nelson-Jaiyesimi, Aurora Public Schools
Lucas Gillispie, Surry County Schools
Alicia Ray, Surry County Schools
Summer Kreeger, Surry County Schools
Anya Tilley-Martin, Surry County Schools

DREAM MAKERS’ LOUNGE | Sponsored by mindSpark
You’ve got great ideas for badging in YOUR community. Whether it’s all in your head or already sketched on the back of a napkin, the Dream Makers’ Lounge is here to help you design around your micro-credentialing dreams, with the help of expert facilitators who have experience implementing.
Facilitation by Convergence Design Lab

Policy Game Changer: SUNY Adopts Micro-Credential Framework for 64 Campus System
Cynthia Proctor, State University of New York

The Good, The Badge, and the Ugly: Conversations on Badging in Education
Karen Larson, Santa Clara County Office of Education
Abby Almerido, Santa Clara County Office of Education
Gena Pacada, Santa Clara County Office of Education
Martin Cisners, Santa Clara County Office of Education

Becoming a Badgician with the SCOE Badge Project
Greg Eilers, Stanislaus County Office of Education
Brandon Schut, Stanislaus County Office of Education

Open Badges for Competency Based Learning Schools
James Murray, School District of Waukesha
Eric Hill, School District of Waukesha
Chris Sonier, School District of Waukesha

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